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Cast One's Vote Idiom

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cast one's vote
What does cast one's vote mean?
to voteWe arrived early to cast our vote in the election.

Some Random Idioms
set a date
What does "set a date" mean?
decide on a date for a wedding decide on a date for a weddingAfter thinking about marriage for a long time they have finally decided to set a date.
one by one
What does "one by one" mean?
one at a time, each in turnOne by one the contestants walked onto the stage.
What does "partay" mean?
change hands
What does "change hands" mean?
to be transferred from one person to anotherThe small business changed hands many times during the last several years.
have a lot on one's plate
What does "have a lot on one's plate" mean?
to have a lot of things to do or deal withI have a lot on my plate this week and I am very, very busy.
out of control
What does "out of control" mean?
to be uncontrollable/wildThe soccer fans were out of control after their team won the championship.
What does "IOW" mean?
in other words
first and foremost
What does "first and foremost" mean?
the first and most important First and foremost, we need a new computer for our office.

a snap
What does "a snap" mean?
something that's very easy to do. A: "Is your job difficult?"B: "No, actually it's a snap. In fact, it's so easy that it'sa little bit boring."
What does "blue-ribbon" mean?
of superior quality or distinction, the best of a group A blue-ribbon panel of experts were asked to suggest a new policy for the city.

fall into place
What does "fall into place" mean?
to fit together, to become organizedEverything fell into place and we were able to prepare for our trip to Brazil.
All hat, no cattle
What does "All hat, no cattle" mean?
When someone talks big, but cannot back it up, they are all hat, no cattle.('Big hat, no cattle' is also used.)


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