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Cast Around/about For (someone Or Something) Idiom

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cast around/about for (someone or something)
What does cast around/about for (someone or something) mean?
to look for someone or somethingWe have been casting around for a new file clerk in our company.

Some Random Idioms
What does "doc-in-a-box" mean?
a small emergency medical clinic. He injured his finger and got it stiched at a doc-in-a-box.
rotten apple
What does "rotten apple" mean?
a bad person Sometimes there is one person who is a rotten apple in a group of people.

What does "lurker" mean?
person who reads but does not participate in an online news group or forum
fall ill
What does "fall ill" mean?
to become sick or illThe man fell ill last winter and has not recovered yet.
gun for (something)
What does "gun for (something)" mean?
to try very hard to get a prize or promotion etc.I have been gunning for the sales job for a long time.
money is no object
What does "money is no object" mean?
there is much/enough money available so it does not matter how much you spendMoney was no object when the new stadium was built and it had the best equipment for both the fans and the players.
a gone goose
What does "a gone goose" mean?
someone or something that has departed or run away The boy is a gone goose. He will not be returning today.

from the bottom of one`s heart
What does "from the bottom of one`s heart" mean?
with great feeling, sincerelyI thanked the doctor from the bottom of my heart for helping my daughter when she was sick.
lay a finger on (someone or something)
What does "lay a finger on (someone or something)" mean?
to touch or bother someone or somethingThe teacher told the students not to lay a finger on the new textbooks.


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