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Carry Out (something) Idiom

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carry out (something)
What does carry out (something) mean?
to do something, to put something (a plan) into action, to accomplish somethingWe were able to carry out the move with no problems.

Some Random Idioms
get ahead
What does "get ahead" mean?
to advance or be successfulThe woman works hard at her job in order to get ahead.
rotten to the core
What does "rotten to the core" mean?
to be completely no good and worthlessThe local government was rotten to the core and everyone was happy when they were voted out of office.
What does "PR" mean?
Public Relations Public RelationsWith good PR the politician was able to easily gain the support of many people.
on (someone's) shoulders
What does "on (someone's) shoulders" mean?
someone's responsibilityI don't want to have the failure of the project on my shoulders.
laugh out of the other side of one's mouth
What does "laugh out of the other side of one's mouth" mean?
to change from being happy to being sadThe woman was laughing out of the other side of her mouth when she learned that she would not be promoted.
for all (something)
What does "for all (something)" mean?
in spite of something, even with something For all the time that the boy spends studying, his marks are very low.

Square meal
What does "Square meal" mean?
A nutritious meal.I am overweight because my wife's cooking is delicious but full of fat and sugar. The only way to get a good square meal is to eat out.
British war ships in the 1700s including the HMS Victory did not have the best of living conditions. A sailors breakfast and lunch were sparse meals consisting of little more than bread and a beverage. But the third meal of the day included meat and was served on a square tray. Eating a substantial meal onboard a ship required a tray to carry it all. Hence a "square meal" was the most substantial meal served.
Keep your fingers crossed
What does "Keep your fingers crossed" mean?
If you are keeping your fingers crossed, you are hoping for a positive outcome.
get down
What does "get down" mean?
have sexual relations
so much the better
What does "so much the better" mean?
all to the better"So much the better, if extra people help us then we can get the work done quickly."
conk out
What does "conk out" mean?
to fall asleep quickly with great fatigueAs soon as we returned from the hike I conked out in front of the TV.


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