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Can`t See The Forest For The Trees Idiom

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can`t see the forest for the trees
What does can`t see the forest for the trees mean?
to be unable to understand the whole picture of something because you are only looking at small parts of itHe has no understanding of most problems because he can't see the forest for the trees.

Some Random Idioms
time flies
What does "time flies" mean?
time seems to pass very quicklyTime flies and before we had a chance to enjoy the summer weather it was already autumn.
break down
What does "break down" mean?
to lose control of one's emotions, to have a nervous collapse The woman broke down while the lawyer questioned her at the trial.

off the beaten track
What does "off the beaten track" mean?
to be not well known or often used, to be unusualLast night we went to a small restaurant that was off the beaten track.
Go-to guy
What does "Go-to guy" mean?
A go-to guy is a person whose knowledge of something is considerable so everyone wants to go to him or her for information or results.
allow for (someone or something)
What does "allow for (someone or something)" mean?
to plan to have enough of something, to plan on the possibility of somethingWe must allow for enough time to go to the stadium.
burn the midnight oil
What does "burn the midnight oil" mean?
to study until very late at nightWe burned the midnight oil for three nights in order to study for the exam.
wear several hats
What does "wear several hats" mean?
to have more than one set of responsibilities Our teacher wears several hats. She is the head of the school board as well as the coach of the swim team.

divide and conquer
What does "divide and conquer" mean?
to split an opposing side into two groups so that you can win against themThe government was trying to divide and conquer the opposition parties.
Beside yourself
What does "Beside yourself" mean?
If you are beside yourself, you are extremely angry.
Get your wires crossed
What does "Get your wires crossed" mean?
If people get their wires cross, they misunderstand each other, especially when making arrangements. ('Get your lines crossed' is also used.)
fill the bill
What does "fill the bill" mean?
to be suitable for what is requiredI think that the new equipment should fill the bill for us.


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