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Can't Stand/stomach (someone Or Something) Idiom

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can't stand/stomach (someone or something)
What does can't stand/stomach (someone or something) mean?
to dislike someone or something very muchMy uncle cannot stand his daughter's boyfriend.

Some Random Idioms
as free as a bird
What does "as free as a bird" mean?
carefree, completely freeI was as free as a bird after I finished my last school exam.
go broke
What does "go broke" mean?
to lose all one`s money, to become bankruptMy uncle started a company last year but it quickly went broke.
have one`s feet on the ground
What does "have one`s feet on the ground" mean?
be practical or sensibleThe new sales manager really has his feet on the ground.
quick and dirty
What does "quick and dirty" mean?
fast and cheap, fast and carelessThe method that the company chose to cut expenses was quick and dirty.
side against (someone)
What does "side against (someone)" mean?
to take sides against someoneMy friend always sides against me when I am involved in an argument with someone.
first out of the gate
What does "first out of the gate" mean?
the first person to begin a project The businessman was the first out of the gate in the effort to raise money for the new concert hall.

What does "FBI" mean?
Federal Bureau of Investigation Federal Bureau of InvestigationThe killers were found in a nationwide search by the FBI.
ruffle (someone's) feathers
What does "ruffle (someone's) feathers" mean?
to upset or annoy someone I am usually very careful not to ruffle my supervisor's feathers.

go through with (something)
What does "go through with (something)" mean?
to finish something, to do something as planned or agreedMy friend has decided to go through with his plans to finish university.
touched (in the head)
What does "touched (in the head)" mean?
to be crazyMy neighbor is touched in the head. He is really crazy.
every last one
What does "every last one" mean?
every single oneEvery last one of the children received a certificate from the swimming club.
Drop dead!
What does "Drop dead!" mean?
Go away!, to stop bothering someone I told my brother to drop dead when he came into my room and now he is angry at me.


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