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Can't Make Heads Or Tails Of Something Idiom

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can't make heads or tails of something
What does can't make heads or tails of something mean?
can't understand something at all;
find something confusing and illogical.
"I can't make heads or tails of your e-mail.Were you having problemswith your computer?"

Some Random Idioms
What does "john" mean?
customer of a prostitute
ease off/up on (someone or something)
What does "ease off/up on (someone or something)" mean?
to put less pressure on someone or something, to relaxThe president was asked to ease off on his efforts to cut staff in the company.
cut one's (own) throat
What does "cut one's (own) throat" mean?
to experience certain failureThe man cut his own throat when he suddenly quit his job.
take pity on (someone or something)
What does "take pity on (someone or something)" mean?
to feel sorry for someone or somethingI took pity on the man who was begging and I gave him some money.
be game
What does "be game" mean?
to be ready for action or agreeable to participate in something All of the students were game to go to the science exhibition.

What does "Down-to-earth" mean?
Someone who's down-to-earth is practical and realistic. It can also be used for things like ideas.
What does "Doormat" mean?
A person who doesn't stand up for themselves and gets treated badly is a doormat.
Running on fumes
What does "Running on fumes" mean?
If someone has used all their energy on something, but must continue, they are running on fumes. It is an expression used when driving a car when the needle is on empty but still running. We say it is 'running on fumes'.
What does "CO" mean?
commanding officer
What does "cliffhanger" mean?
a sports event/movie/election where the outcome is uncertain until the very endThe playoff game was a cliffhanger and the most exciting game of the year.
What's your take on that?
What does "What's your take on that?" mean?
This idiom is way of asking someone for their opinion and ideas.
What does "head-hunting" mean?
search for qualified individuals to fill certain positionsThe head-hunting company has phoned me several times about getting a new job.
What does "junkie" mean?
drug user; drug addict


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