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Can't Do Anything With (someone Or Something) Idiom

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can't do anything with (someone or something)
What does can't do anything with (someone or something) mean?
to be unable to manage or control someone or somethingMy sister is always complaining that she can't do anything with her daughter.

Some Random Idioms
spill one's guts
What does "spill one's guts" mean?
confess; reveal everything
tell (someone) where to get off
What does "tell (someone) where to get off" mean?
to scold someone, to express one's anger to someoneI told the man where to get off when he complained about our noise for no reason.
in debt
What does "in debt" mean?
owing moneyThe man has been in debt for most of his life.
pull (someone's) tooth out
What does "pull (someone's) tooth out" mean?
to take someone's tooth out (usually done by a dentist)I went to the dentist so he could pull my tooth out.
throw a party for (someone)
What does "throw a party for (someone)" mean?
to give or hold a party for someoneWe plan to throw a party for our boss next week.
share and share alike
What does "share and share alike" mean?
have/get equal shares of somethingWe always share and share alike when we are on a camping trip.
What does "smoke" mean?
deception; exaggeration; bullshitYou're blowing smoke, aren't you?
a risk of rain/showers/thunderstorms
What does "a risk of rain/showers/thunderstorms" mean?
a chance of rain/showers/thunderstormsThere was a risk of showers so we decided not to go on a picnic today.
dawn on (someone)
What does "dawn on (someone)" mean?
to become clear or occur to someone It finally dawned on me why my friend was angry.

not enough room to swing a cat
What does "not enough room to swing a cat" mean?
not very much spaceThere was not enough room to swing a cat in the small hotel room.


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