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Calm Down Idiom

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calm down
What does calm down mean?
to relaxThe woman finally calmed down after the accident.
calm down
What does calm down mean?
to relax The woman calmed down after the accident.

Some Random Idioms
footloose and fancy-free
What does "footloose and fancy-free" mean?
to be without responsibilities or commitmentsThe couple were footloose and fancy-free and they could do whatever they wanted.
in denial
What does "in denial" mean?
refusing to believe something that is trueThe man was in denial about the fact that he may lose his job.
give one's best
What does "give one's best" mean?
idiom. make a supreme effort; perform as well as one can
sell like hotcakes
What does "sell like hotcakes" mean?
to sell quickly, to sell rapidlyThe tickets for the concert were selling like hotcakes when I called this morning.
piss around
What does "piss around" mean?
spend time doing minor, irrelevant things
have a bee in one`s bonnet
What does "have a bee in one`s bonnet" mean?
to have a fixed idea that stays in one's mind The woman has a bee in her bonnet about starting a new business.

wired up
What does "wired up" mean?
drunk; intoxicated
ears are ringing
What does "ears are ringing" mean?
one hears a ringing sound because of a very loud sound My ears were ringing after the three fire trucks passed me.

Get in on the act
What does "Get in on the act" mean?
If people want to get in on the act, they want to participate in something that is currently profitable or popular.
red herring
What does "red herring" mean?
something that draws attention away from the matter that is under considerationThe issue of salary is a red herring and is not related to the main issues of the negotiations.
close up shop
What does "close up shop" mean?
to stop doing business (for a variety of reasons - not only financial reasons) The university bookstore will close up shop next month.


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