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Call Up (someone) Idiom

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call up (someone)
What does call up (someone) mean?
to telephone someoneMy friend said that he will call up his parents tomorrow night.

Some Random Idioms
get along well with (something)
What does "get along well with (something)" mean?
to make progress with something The boy is getting along well with his studies.

tighten one`s belt
What does "tighten one`s belt" mean?
to live on less money than usualWe decided to tighten our belt and try to save up some money for a holiday.
in particular
What does "in particular" mean?
specifically, especiallyMy father likes almost all sports but in particular he loves basketball.
the responsible party
What does "the responsible party" mean?
the party that is legally or morally obliged to do something or accept the blame for somethingThe responsible party was forced to compensate the victims of his crimes.
to be reminiscent of (someone or something)
What does "to be reminiscent of (someone or something)" mean?
to remind someone of someone or something, to seem like someone or somethingThe music festival is reminiscent of the large music festivals of fifty years ago.
What does "brainiac" mean?
very smart student. She's such a brainiac, always getting straight A's.
What does "turps" mean?
dead loss
What does "dead loss" mean?
a total lossThe money that I gave to my friend is a dead loss and none of it will be returned.
turn one`s back on (someone or something)
What does "turn one`s back on (someone or something)" mean?
to refuse to help someone who is in trouble or need The woman turned her back on her friend when the friend asked her for some money.

clean bill of health
What does "clean bill of health" mean?
a report or certificate that a person or animal is healthyThe doctor gave me a clean bill of health when I visited him last month.


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