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Call On (someone) Idiom

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call on (someone)
What does call on (someone) mean?
to visit someoneI plan to call on my brother during my holidays.
call on (someone)
What does call on (someone) mean?
to ask someone to participate in something or contribute somethingThe teacher called on me three times to answer questions in the class.

Some Random Idioms
in the public eye
What does "in the public eye" mean?
visible to all, in publicVery often the wife or husband of a politician does not like to be in the public eye.
What does "F-ing" mean?
get back to (someone)
What does "get back to (someone)" mean?
to communicate something to someone at a later time, to contact someone later We were very careful that our complaints did not get back to the school principal.

cry one's eyes out
What does "cry one's eyes out" mean?
to cry very hard The little girl cried her eyes out when she lost her favorite doll.

see the color of (someone's) money
What does "see the color of (someone's) money" mean?
to prove that someone has enough money for somethingThe car dealer would not let me take the car until he saw the color of my money.
undercut (someone)
What does "undercut (someone)" mean?
to sell your product for less than a competitorThe new discount store is trying hard to undercut other stores in the area.
Turn the corner
What does "Turn the corner" mean?
To get over a bad run. When a loss making venture ceases to make losses, it has "turned the corner".
loaded for bear
What does "loaded for bear" mean?
very angry The man was loaded for bear when he went in to see the supervisor.

have a weakness for (someone or something)
What does "have a weakness for (someone or something)" mean?
be unable to resist someone or somethingThe girl has a weakness for chocolate and is always eating it.
carry the day
What does " carry the day" mean?
to win or be successful The sales manager's fine performance carried the day for us.


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