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Call Off (something) Idiom

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call off (something)
What does call off (something) mean?
to cancel somethingThe game was called off because of the rain.
call off (something)
What does call off (something) mean?
to stop/quit/cancel somethingWe called off the meeting because everybody was busy with other business.

Some Random Idioms
get (something) off one's chest
What does "get (something) off one's chest" mean?
to tell something that has been bothering you I talked to my parents and I was able to get some things that were bothering me off my chest.

take a nap
What does "take a nap" mean?
to have a brief period of sleepI stopped to take a nap before I continued driving to see my parents.
What does "TA" mean?
Teaching Assistant Teaching AssistantAfter leaving university he was able to get a job as a TA at the junior college.
settle (something) out of court
What does "settle (something) out of court" mean?
to settle a disagreement without having to go through a court of justiceThe company was able to settle their lawsuit out of court.
second a motion
What does "second a motion" mean?
to formally agree with a proposal in a meeting I seconded the motion to start one hour early every morning during the summer.

Oldest trick in the book
What does "Oldest trick in the book" mean?
The oldest trick in the book is a well-known way of deceiving someone, though still effective.
when the cat's away, the mice will play
What does "when the cat's away, the mice will play" mean?
when you are not watching someone they may get into troubleWhen the cat's away, the mice will play and when the teacher left the classroom the students began to move around.
rub elbows/shoulders with (someone)
What does "rub elbows/shoulders with (someone)" mean?
be in the same place as others, meet and mix with othersWe went to the party in order to rub shoulders with some interesting artists.
a case of mistaken identity
What does "a case of mistaken identity" mean?
incorrectly identify someoneThe young man was arrested in a case of mistaken identity.
as gaudy as a butterfly
What does "as gaudy as a butterfly" mean?
gaudy, colorful The woman was as gaudy as a butterfly when she left for the concert.

bring (someone) around
What does "bring (someone) around" mean?
to restore someone to health or consciousness, to cure someoneThe medical workers were able to bring the man around after the accident.
put (someone) on
What does "put (someone) on" mean?
to fool or joke with someone, to tease someoneI think that my friend is putting me on. I do not believe that he will move to Italy.
compare apples and oranges
What does "compare apples and oranges" mean?
to compare two things that are not similar and should not be comparedIt was like comparing apples and oranges when we compared our new boss to our old one.


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