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Call It A Day/night Idiom

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call it a day/night
What does call it a day/night mean?
to quit work and go homeI called it a day and decided to go home early.

Some Random Idioms
Man of the cloth
What does "Man of the cloth" mean?
A man of the cloth is a priest.
What does "hotdog" mean?
show up; perform difficult and spectacular moves (in skiing)
freak somebody out
What does "freak somebody out" mean?
stun, surprise, or shock somebody
let (someone) off (easy)
What does "let (someone) off (easy)" mean?
release someone without punishmentThe judge let the man off easy in spite of the strong case against him.
joined at the hip
What does "joined at the hip" mean?
two people spending all their time together The two boys are joined at the hip and never spend any time apart.

say a mouthful
What does "say a mouthful" mean?
to say something of great importance or meaning, to say a lot The little boy said a mouthful when he talked about the history material.
in debt
What does "in debt" mean?
owing moneyThe man is in debt and owes much money to many people.
in hot water
What does "in hot water" mean?
in troubleI am in hot water over the extra expenses that I used during the conference.
Paddle your own canoe
What does "Paddle your own canoe" mean?
If you paddle your own canoe, you do things for yourself without outside help.
under one`s belt
What does "under one`s belt" mean?
in one`s experience or possession, gained by effort and skillNow that I have some job experience under my belt I will have more chances to apply for a better job.
On the wallaby track
What does "On the wallaby track" mean?
(AU) In Australian English, if you're on the wallaby track, you are unemployed.


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