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Call For (someone) Idiom

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call for (someone)
What does call for (someone) mean?
to come and get someone"Could you please come and call for me before you go to the game."

Some Random Idioms
Kick a habit
What does "Kick a habit" mean?
If you kick a habit, you stop doing it.
greasy spoon
What does "greasy spoon" mean?
a small and cheap eating place with basic but not great foodWe went to a greasy spoon for breakfast because the other restaurants were closed.
on the level
What does "on the level" mean?
to be honestThe man was on the level with me when he told me about my job possibilities.
a holy terror
What does "a holy terror" mean?
a very disobedient or unruly childThe little boy is a holy terror and his parents never want to take him anywhere.
What does "sleazoid" mean?
sleazy; disgusting; having a bad reputation
put in one`s two cents (worth)
What does "put in one`s two cents (worth)" mean?
to add one's comments or opinion to a discussionI stood up in the meeting and put in my two cents worth before I was asked to sit down.
play (someone) off against (someone)
What does "play (someone) off against (someone)" mean?
to scheme in a manner that pits two of your opponents against each otherOur supervisor is always trying to play one group of employees off against another group.
brain drain
What does "brain drain" mean?
the loss of talented and educated people from one place/country to other places/countries where conditions are betterThere is a brain drain from many poor countries to wealthy countries where conditions are better.
run an ad
What does "run an ad" mean?
to place or put an advertisement in a publication The government will run an ad to tell the public about the new gas tax.

grist for the mill
What does "grist for the mill" mean?
something that can be used to bring advantage or profitThe information that we got on the Internet was grist for the mill of our company's operations.


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