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Call (someone) On The Carpet Idiom

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call (someone) on the carpet
What does call (someone) on the carpet mean?
to call someone before an authority to be scolded or reprimandedThe salesman was called on the carpet by his boss for losing the big sale.

Some Random Idioms
What does "vest" mean?
bulletproof vest; Kevlar vest. He was wearing a vest, so he survived the gunshot.
Come up smelling of roses
What does "Come up smelling of roses" mean?
(UK) If someone comes up smelling of roses, they emerge from a situation with their reputation undamaged.
a dime a dozen
What does "a dime a dozen" mean?
common, easy to get and of little valueUsed books are a dime a dozen and it is dificult to sell them.
lose weight
What does "lose weight" mean?
to decrease one's weightI want to lose weight so I have stopped eating sweets.
Bring on board
What does "Bring on board" mean?
To make people embrace the ideas intended by the leader or agree to join a team or project is to bring them on board.
get a black eye
What does "get a black eye" mean?
to get a bruise near one's eye from being hit, to have one's reputation harmed The little boy got a black eye when he bumped into the door.
The company got a black eye because of the scandal.

earn one's keep
What does "earn one's keep" mean?
to earn one's pay or a place to live by doing some work I work hard in my uncle's garden in order to earn my keep when I stay with him.

Reading the riot act
What does "Reading the riot act" mean?
To complain or lecture loudly and with angry emotion. Upset about his neighbors load music at 3:00 am, Davis knocked on the door and proceeded to read the riot act.
"Reading the riot act" used to be a literal event. Bobbies in Britain used to read a prescribed proclamation, known as the Riot Act, before they could break up or arrest a crowd. The Riot Act is used in a fashion similar to the Miranda Rights in the US.
The Bobbies would approach the crowd, read the Riot Act aloud, and then disperse or arrest them.
feel the pinch
What does "feel the pinch" mean?
to have problems caused by having too little money The family is beginning to feel the pinch since the husband lost his job.

preferred customer
What does "preferred customer" mean?
a customer who does much business with you and who you give special discounts to The man is a preferred customer and we always give him a good price.

out of work
What does "out of work" mean?
to be unemployedThere are many people out of work in our town.


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