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Call (someone) In Idiom

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call (someone) in
What does call (someone) in mean?
to ask someone for help, to call for special adviceWe called in a special doctor to look at the patient.

Some Random Idioms
shadow of oneself/itself
What does "shadow of oneself/itself" mean?
someone or something that is not as strong/healthy/lively as beforeThe professional boxer was a shadow of his former self.
spout off about (someone or something)
What does "spout off about (someone or something)" mean?
to talk too much about someone or somethingThe woman is always spouting off about her many problems.
talk a blue streak
What does "talk a blue streak" mean?
to talk very much and very rapidlyThe woman beside me on the bus talked a blue streak for most of the journey.
chalk (something) up to (something)
What does "chalk (something) up to (something)" mean?
to recognize something as the cause of something elseWe were able to chalk our success up to our new boat.
gravy train
What does "gravy train" mean?
a job or some work that pays more than it is worth The job was a gravy train and I earned much money there.

have feet of clay
What does "have feet of clay" mean?
have a character defectThe candidate has feet of clay and is being criticized by many of her opponents.
What does "Johnny-come-lately" mean?
a new-comerHe`s a Johnny-come-lately and doesn`t really know what he is talking about.
Canary in a coal mine
What does "Canary in a coal mine" mean?
(UK) A canary in a coal mine is an early warning of danger.
At the end of your rope
What does "At the end of your rope" mean?
If you are at the end of your rope, you are at the limit of your patience or endurance.
square accounts with (someone)
What does "square accounts with (someone)" mean?
to settle one's financial accounts with someoneI went to the small store to square accounts with the owner.
What does "gung-ho" mean?
to be enthusiastic, to be full of eagernessMy friend is gung-ho about her new job at the library.
get one's fill of (someone or something)
What does "get one's fill of (someone or something)" mean?
to receive enough of someone or somethingRecently, I have got my fill of fresh corn and I do not want to eat any more.


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