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be a snap
What does be a snap mean?
be easy; be straight-forward; be simple. No problem, it's a snap.

Some Random Idioms
Toe the line
What does "Toe the line" mean?
Follow the group, don't disagree, do what others are doing.Your lifestyle has gone on for too long. It is time for you to toe the line - get a wife, a job, some kids, and be miserable just like everyone else.
Many mistakenly think the phrase is "tow the line", thus obscuring the meaning.
This term comes from military line-ups for inspection. Soldiers are expected to line up, that is put their toes on a line, and submit to the inspection.
by the nape of one's neck
What does "by the nape of one's neck" mean?
by the back of the neck The man picked up the cat by the nape of the neck.

gravy train
What does "gravy train" mean?
work situation that provides stable income
the morning after (the night before)
What does "the morning after (the night before)" mean?
a hangoverHe is not feeling well because it is the morning after the night before.
find one's way
What does "find one's way" mean?
to discover the route to a placeWe were lost for over an hour but we finally found our way.
tell apart (two things or people)
What does "tell apart (two things or people)" mean?
to distinguish between two things or peopleIt is hard to tell the two sisters apart.
take a new turn
What does "take a new turn" mean?
to begin a new course or directionThe campaign to clean up the river took a new turn when the large electricity company joined in the campaign.
stumble across/into (someone)
What does "stumble across/into (someone)" mean?
to meet someone accidentallyI stumbled into my friend when I was shopping yesterday.
Politically correct
What does "Politically correct" mean?
Things or people that are politically correct use language that will not cause offence.


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