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At Home Idiom

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at home
What does at home mean?
to be in one`s house"I`m sorry but I left my money at home. Can you lend me some money?"
at home
What does at home mean?
in one`s house I left my money at home so I had to borrow some.

Some Random Idioms
come back to (someone)
What does "come back to (someone)" mean?
to return to one`s memoryThe strange events of last year are slowly coming back to me.
not set foot (somewhere)
What does "not set foot (somewhere)" mean?
to not go somewhereWe did not set foot in the old factory that we passed on our hike.
strike out
What does "strike out" mean?
to failWe struck out in our attempt to gather enough support to build a new cafeteria in our building.
monkey see, monkey do
What does "monkey see, monkey do" mean?
someone copies something that someone else doesIt is always monkey see, monkey do for the boy. He copies everything that his friend does.
by means of
What does "by means of" mean?
with the use of something We were able to enter the old building by means of a small window in the back.

contrary to (someone or something)
What does "contrary to (someone or something)" mean?
in spite of something Contrary to what everybody thought, my friend had already quit his job.

no problem
What does "no problem" mean?
idiom. no worries or concerns; everything is fine
(not) bat an eye/eyelid
What does "(not) bat an eye/eyelid" mean?
to show no surprise or reaction even when something bad happens Our boss did not bat an eye when we told him that we were going home early today.
What does "gearhead" mean?
person who enjoys working on cars, particularly his or her own
have had enough
What does "have had enough" mean?
have had as much as you need of somethingI have had enough sun today so I will go home soon.
go (someone) one better
What does "go (someone) one better" mean?
to do something better than someone else, to do more than someoneI decided to go my friend one better and I bought a more expensive present for my girlfriend.
shoot the crap
What does "shoot the crap" mean?
gossip; discuss; chat


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