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at any rate
What does at any rate mean?
anyway"At any rate whether you go or not, I am not going."
at any rate
What does at any rate mean?
anyway "At any rate, I am not going to a movie tonight."

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What does "candy-assed" mean?
coward(ly); timid; frightened
weed out (someone or something)
What does "weed out (someone or something)" mean?
remove what is unwanted, get rid ofI spent the morning weeding out the clothes that I don't wear anymore.
on the horizon
What does "on the horizon" mean?
soon to happenThe government promised the citizens that there was going to be a tax decrease on the horizon.
come up with (something)
What does "come up with (something)" mean?
to produce or find a thought/idea/answerI tried to come up with a name for the new magazine.
any port in a storm
What does "any port in a storm" mean?
when someone is faced with an emergency he or she will accept help from any source and in any place - even from someone who they do not likeThere was a bad storm so the ship went to the nearest port. It was any port in a storm.
filled to the brim
What does "filled to the brim" mean?
to be filled up to the top edge (brim) of something The coffee cup was filled to the brim.

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keep one's own counsel
What does "keep one's own counsel" mean?
not tell other people about one's thoughts and plansOur lawyer was keeping his own counsel about how to proceed with our defense.
buy off (someone)
What does "buy off (someone)" mean?
to use a gift or money to divert someone from their duty or purpose (similar to a bribe and sometimes illegal)The land developer tried to buy off the politician but he was not successful.
appear out of nowhere
What does "appear out of nowhere" mean?
to appear suddenly, to appear without warning The dog appeared out of nowhere during our walk on the beach.

give (someone) a slap on the wrist
What does "give (someone) a slap on the wrist" mean?
give someone light punishmentThe young offender was given a slap on the wrist by the judge but was required to do some community work as compensation for his crime.
What does "loonie" mean?
mentally unstable person


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