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Ask (someone) Out Idiom

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ask (someone) out
What does ask (someone) out mean?
to ask a person for a dateMy friend finally asked out the woman at the bank.

Some Random Idioms
a jack-of-all-trades
What does "a jack-of-all-trades" mean?
a person who can do many thingsWe gave the man a job because we needed a jack-of-all-trades to look after the many repairs.
under the table
What does "under the table" mean?
in secret and usually illegalHe paid some money under the table in order to get his product imported into the country.
all thumbs
What does "all thumbs" mean?
to be awkward and clumsy, a difficulty in fixing things or working with one's hands The man is all thumbs and he can never fix something without making it worse.

in debt
What does "in debt" mean?
owing moneyThe man is in debt and owes much money to many people.
a heavy heart
What does "a heavy heart" mean?
a feeling of sadness or unhappinessHe seems to have a heavy heart now that his wife has died.
high five
What does "high five" mean?
two people striking the palms of their raised hands together as a form of agreement or greeting
blood runs cold
What does "blood runs cold" mean?
terrified or horrified My blood ran cold when I saw the poison spider on my bed.

out of one`s shell
What does "out of one`s shell" mean?
to move from silence or shyness and into friendly conversationWe got the girl out of her shell and she joined in with the rest of the group.
on bended knee
What does "on bended knee" mean?
with great humilityI went to my neighbor on bended knee to ask him if I could borrow some tools.
seeing is believing
What does "seeing is believing" mean?
one must believe something that one seesSeeing is believing and I did not believe the price of the car until I actually saw it.
flush with (something)
What does "flush with (something)" mean?
to be even with somethingThe two pieces of wood were flush with each other so we glued them together.
glad hand
What does "glad hand" mean?
to shake hands in a friendly wayThe politician likes to glad hand people at the shopping center.


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