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As To Idiom

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as to
What does as to mean?
with regard to, according to"As to your question, I will answer it tomorrow."
as to
What does as to mean?
with regard to, concerning, according to We have some questions as to how the accident happened.
The players were put into groups as to their ability.

Some Random Idioms
What does "helter-skelter" mean?
in a confusing group, in disorderWhen we arrived at work we found the files scattered helter-skelter over the floor.
mark down (something)
What does "mark down (something)" mean?
make a note about somethingThe traffic policeman marked down all of the cars that were parked illegally.
kill the goose that layed/lays the golden egg
What does "kill the goose that layed/lays the golden egg" mean?
spoil something that is good or something that one has by being greedyHe was always complaining about his job but now it is gone. He has killed the goose that layed the golden egg.
wring one's hands
What does "wring one's hands" mean?
to worry and be upset about something and not be able to do anything about it The woman stayed up most of the night wringing her hands while she waited for her son to come home.

horse's ass
What does "horse's ass" mean?
obnoxious, dumb person
At your wits' end
What does "At your wits' end" mean?
If you are at your wits' end, you have no idea what to do next and are very frustrated.
What does "wasted" mean?
under the influence of drugs
knock (someone) off their feet
What does "knock (someone) off their feet" mean?
surprise or shock someone so much that he does not know what to doWhen they announced that I had won the prize it knocked me off my feet.
draw a line betwen two things
What does "draw a line betwen two things" mean?
to separate two things We must draw a line between using the Internet for work and using it for personal use.

hear (someone) out
What does "hear (someone) out" mean?
listen to everything that someone has to sayWe went to the meeting to hear the manager out about the new building.
as conceited as a barber's cat
What does "as conceited as a barber's cat" mean?
very conceited, vain My friend became as conceited as a barber's cat after she won the award at school.


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