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as far as
What does as far as mean?
to the extent or degree of somethingAs far as I know the movie will start in a few minutes.
as far as
What does as far as mean?
to the extent or degree of something As far as I know the movie will start next week.

Some Random Idioms
lie in state
What does "lie in state" mean?
after death a famous person (usually a political leader) sometimes lies in a state of honor in an open coffin so the public can see his or her body The President lay in state for three days after his death.
Worth its salt
What does "Worth its salt" mean?
To be competent, reasonably skilled.Not to worry about your new suit, any detergent worth its salt can remove blood stains.
Today salt is inexpensive and universally available, but that wasn't always the case. Salt has been a valuable commodity in many cultures throughout history.
Salt is sodium chloride. It can be obtained from mines or the oceans. Today salt is commonly mined from large deposits left by dried salt lakes. Modern mining and transportation methods have made salt an inexpensive commodity.
Salt is an effective food preservative and before refrigeration was widely available, the demand for salt as a preservative was much greater. The human body requires salt for the regulation of fluid balance. Salt used as a seasoning adds to the taste of many foods.
Because of salt's high value, it was used as a method of exchange. Roman soldiers received a salt allowance as part of their pay. In fact the word "salary" is derived from the Latin "salarium" meaning "of salt".
To say that someone is "worth his salt" is to say they have earned their pay.
itchy/itching palm
What does "itchy/itching palm" mean?
to be greedy, to have a desire for money/tipsThe police officer had an itching palm and took much money from criminals before he was arrested.
go hog-wild
What does "go hog-wild" mean?
to behave wildlyThe little boys went hog-wild during the birthday party.
have the best of both worlds
What does "have the best of both worlds" mean?
be able to enjoy two different opportunitiesThe man has the best of both worlds and can enjoy the outdoors and nature while he is working at his job.
Pull the wool over someone's eyes
What does "Pull the wool over someone's eyes" mean?
If you pull the wool over someone's eyes, you deceive or cheat them.
a fish out of water
What does "a fish out of water" mean?
someone who does not fit in, an uncomfortable or awkward feeling The woman felt like a fish out of water when she went to the party in her formal dress while everyone else was wearing jeans.

make free with (someone or something)
What does "make free with (someone or something)" mean?
take advantage or use something as if it were one's ownMy roommate always makes free with my clothes which I don't like at all.
take it out on (someone or something)
What does "take it out on (someone or something)" mean?
to be unpleasant or unkind to someone because one is angry or upsetAlthough the man has much stress at work he is careful not to take it out on his friends or family.
in (someone's) name
What does "in (someone's) name" mean?
in someone's ownership/propertyI put my father's car in my name as soon as he gave it to me.
hole in the wall
What does "hole in the wall" mean?
a small place to live/work/visit, a small hidden (often inferior) placeWe went for a drink at a hole in the wall near the university last night.


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