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As A Result Of (something) Idiom

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as a result of (something)
What does as a result of (something) mean?
because of something that has happenedAs a result of the car accident my friend could not work for several months.

Some Random Idioms
cross-examine (someone)
What does "cross-examine (someone)" mean?
question a suspect or a witness in a trialThe lawyer was very careful when he began to cross-examine the witness.
guard one's tongue
What does "guard one's tongue" mean?
to be careful of what one saysI always have to guard my tongue when I am speaking with my friend's parents.
fink on somebody
What does "fink on somebody" mean?
betray somebody; reveal secrets about somebody
catch one's eye
What does "catch one's eye" mean?
attract one's attention/interest."This brochure about Tahiti caught my eye whenI was at the travel agency."
Get your head around something
What does "Get your head around something" mean?
If you get your head around something, you come to understand it even though it is difficult to comprehend.
What does "high-and-mighty" mean?
arrogantHe always acts high-and-mighty in front of his employees.
bend over backwards (to do something)
What does "bend over backwards (to do something)" mean?
to try very hard to do something"I will bend over backwards to help you get a job in this company."
in on (something)
What does "in on (something)" mean?
joining together for somethingWe went in on a present for our father for Father`s Day.
What does "spike" mean?
put alcohol into a non-alcoholic drink. Who spiked the punch?
cock-and-bull story
What does "cock-and-bull story" mean?
a silly story that is not trueThe student told her teacher a cock-and-bull story about why she was absent.
inch by inch
What does "inch by inch" mean?
little by little, one inch at a timeI checked the park inch by inch to try and find my watch.
at first
What does "at first" mean?
initially, at the beginningAt first we had no plans for the weekend but finally we decided to go to a movie.
go over the books
What does "go over the books" mean?
to check and analyze the accounting records of a company We hired an outside accountant to go over our books.


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