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Apple Of (someone`s) Eye Idiom

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apple of (someone`s) eye
What does apple of (someone`s) eye mean?
to be someone`s favoriteHis youngest daughter is the apple of his eye.
apple of (someone`s) eye
What does apple of (someone`s) eye mean?
someone's favorite person or thingThe young girl is the apple of her father`s eye.
apple of (someone`s) eye
What does apple of (someone`s) eye mean?
someone or something that one likes a lotThe little girl is the apple of her grandfather`s eye.

Some Random Idioms
What does "hard-pressed" mean?
difficult; under pressure; with difficulty. I'd be hard pressed to loan you any money because I've got so little.
stick to a story/the facts
What does "stick to a story/the facts" mean?
to remain faithful to the facts of a story"Please stick to the facts when you tell the story to the police."
call a meeting to order
What does "call a meeting to order" mean?
to start a meeting Our supervisor called the meeting to order after everyone arrived.

wide of the mark
What does "wide of the mark" mean?
far from the target, incorrectHis ideas for the company are wide of the mark from what everybody expected.
cross one`s fingers
What does "cross one`s fingers" mean?
to cross two fingers of one hand to hope or wish for good luck I crossed my fingers that I would get the job that I had applied for.

run (something) by (someone) again
What does "run (something) by (someone) again" mean?
to say something againI asked my colleague to run his ideas by me again.
keep abreast (of something)
What does "keep abreast (of something)" mean?
keep informed about somethingI read the newspaper regularly so that I can keep abreast of current events.
cold fish
What does "cold fish" mean?
unresponsive, uninteresting person (often with sexual undertones). She's such a cold fish, no guy would want to date her.
give a shit
What does "give a shit" mean?
care; have an interest in (usually used with a negative connotation). Like I give a shit. 2. I don't give a shit.
red in the face
What does "red in the face" mean?
to be embarrassedThe woman was red in the face after she dropped her keys down the elevator shaft.
head above water
What does "head above water" mean?
out of difficulty, clear of troubleAlthough he works very hard he is not able to keep his head above water financially.
What does "fast-track" mean?
move something or somebody quicky through an organization or situation
fall in love (with someone)
What does "fall in love (with someone)" mean?
begin to feel love for someone begin to feel love for someoneHe fell in love with a woman from his university class and they got married several months later.


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