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Any Number Of (someone Or Something) Idiom

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any number of (someone or something)
What does any number of (someone or something) mean?
a sufficiently large numberI had any number of reasons not to buy the computer.

Some Random Idioms
air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public
What does "air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public" mean?
to make public something embarrassing that should be kept secretThe dinner party became uncomfortable when the host began to air his colleague's dirty laundry in public.
one of those things
What does "one of those things" mean?
something is unfortunate but it must be acceptedMy aunt's sudden illness is one of those things and there is nothing we can do about it.
above all else
What does "above all else" mean?
most importantly of all Above all else, I plan to go to the Natural History Museum when I visit the city.

ride roughshod over (someone or something)
What does "ride roughshod over (someone or something)" mean?
to treat someone or something with disdain or scornThe new teacher is riding roughshod over the wants and needs of the students.
lead/live the life of Riley
What does "lead/live the life of Riley" mean?
live an easy life of luxury, live a pleasant lifeMy father has been leading the life of Riley since he retired from his job.
cop out
What does "cop out" mean?
quit; give up; abandon
con (someone) out of (something)
What does "con (someone) out of (something)" mean?
to trick someone to give you money or something valuable The man on the street corner tried to con the woman out of some money.

out on bail
What does "out on bail" mean?
to be out of jail after bail money has been paidThe man is out on bail after being arrested for stealing money from his company.
grit one's teeth
What does "grit one's teeth" mean?
to grind one's teeth together in anger and determination and reluctanceI grit my teeth and phoned my father to ask if I could borrow some money.


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