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Antsy Idiom

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What does antsy mean?
: restless; impatient and tired of waiting."I hope Katy calls soon. Just sitting around andwaiting is making me antsy."

Some Random Idioms
go public
What does "go public" mean?
to become a public company and to sell the company stock to the publicThe stock of the Internet company rose very quickly after the company went public.
Be out in left field
What does "Be out in left field" mean?
To be out in left field is not to know what's going on. Taken from baseball, when youngsters assign less capable players to the outfield where the ball is less likely to be hit by a young player. In business, one might say, 'Don't ask the new manager; he's out in left field and doesn't know any answers yet.'
stoop to (doing something)
What does "stoop to (doing something)" mean?
to do something that is beneath oneI do not plan to stoop to ask my friend for money for food.
a hatchet man
What does "a hatchet man" mean?
a politician whose job it is to say negative things about the opposition, a person in a company who must fire extra workers or cut other expensesHe is acting as a hatchet man for the leader but I don`t think that he really believes what he is saying.
rub salt in (someone's) wound
What does "rub salt in (someone's) wound" mean?
to try to make someone's unhappiness or misfortune worseI did not mention the car accident to my friend because I did not want to rub salt in his wound.
What does "rattled" mean?
surprised; confused
get (someone's) number
What does "get (someone's) number" mean?
to find out someone's telephone numberI plan to get the man's number from one of his friends.
put all one`s eggs in one basket
What does "put all one`s eggs in one basket" mean?
to place all one`s efforts/interests/hopes in a single person or thingYou should not put all your eggs in one basket and invest all of your money in the stock market.
privy to something
What does "privy to something" mean?
have unique or special knowledge about somethingI was not privy to the conversation regarding the new business plan so I was unable to comment on it.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
What does "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." mean?
if you do me a favor then I will do you a favor "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," is a common expression in the construction industry.

Back Idioms

down and dirty
What does "down and dirty" mean?
unfair or nasty or sneaky The team decided to get down and dirty in order to try and win the tournament.


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