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Answer To (someone) Idiom

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answer to (someone)
What does answer to (someone) mean?
to explain or justify one's actions to someoneThe manager had to answer to the company president about the problems in the office.

Some Random Idioms
let sleeping dogs lie
What does "let sleeping dogs lie" mean?
do not make trouble if you do not have to You should let sleeping dogs lie and not ask our boss about the dispute.

What does "all-out-effort" mean?
a very good and thorough effort We are making an all-out-effort to finish our work.

have to (do something)
What does "have to (do something)" mean?
be obliged or forced to do somethingI have to leave at 4:00 or I will be late for my appointment.
let it go/lay
What does "let it go/lay" mean?
forget about it, leave it alone"You should let it go and stop worrying about what she did to you last year."
a square peg in a round hole
What does "a square peg in a round hole" mean?
a person who does not fit into a job or positionMy friend was like a square peg in a round hole when he tried to do the job of an accountant.
clear the table
What does "clear the table" mean?
to remove the dishes and eating utensils from a tableAfter we finished eating we quickly cleared the table.
What does "cut-and-dried" mean?
to be previously decided, to be prearranged The decision was cut-and-dried and nobody asked for our opinion.

by a whisker/hair
What does "by a whisker/hair" mean?
just barely, by a very small amountThe marathon runner won the race by a whisker.
What does "turkey" mean?
dumb person
deaf and dumb
What does "deaf and dumb" mean?
to be unable to hear or speakThe man was deaf and dumb and could not communicate with the woman on the train.


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