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And Then Some Idiom

This database is a comprehensive collection of all the American idioms and slang available. American Idioms are many and varied. We hope you enjoy our collection. We are adding more all the time. .

and then some
What does and then some mean?
and much more besides.A: "I'd guess your new computer cost about $2,000."B: "It cost that much and then some because I also boughtextra RAM and VRAM."

Some Random Idioms
What does "rug" mean?
toupee or wig. Nice rug that guy's got.
cut the mustard
What does "cut the mustard" mean?
to reach the required standard for somethingThe man does not cut the mustard and he will never be able to work here.
small/fine print
What does "small/fine print" mean?
the part of a document that you cannot easily notice because of the small size of the print but which often contains very important informationI always read the small print before I sign a sales contract.
get rid of (something)
What does "get rid of (something)" mean?
to give or throw something away, to sell or destroy something, to make a cold or fever disappearI bought a new television set so now I want to get rid of my old one.
mark down (a price)
What does "mark down (a price)" mean?
lower the price of somethingThe store decided to mark down the prices of their winter coats.
caught with one's hand in the cookie jar
What does "caught with one's hand in the cookie jar" mean?
to be caught doing something wrong or illegal The woman was caught with her hand in the cookie jar when we saw her stealing office supplies.

Put your thumb on the scales
What does "Put your thumb on the scales" mean?
If you put your thumb on the scales, you try to influence the result of something in your favour.
fit the mold
What does "fit the mold" mean?
to do what you expect, to do what is considered usual (usually used in the negative - does not fit the mold) Our teacher does not fit the mold of someone who volunteers to help homeless people every weekend.

as flat as a pancake
What does "as flat as a pancake" mean?
very flatThe child's toy was as flat as a pancake after the car drove over it.
lock horns with (someone)
What does "lock horns with (someone)" mean?
get into an argument with someoneI locked horns with a woman who I work with and we had a big argument last week.
grin like a Cheshire cat
What does "grin like a Cheshire cat" mean?
to grin or smile broadly The little boy was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he entered the room.


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