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An Egghead Idiom

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an egghead
What does an egghead mean?
a very intelligent person. "Jake didn't make very good grades in school,but his sister was a real egghead."

Some Random Idioms
wolf down (something)
What does "wolf down (something)" mean?
to gulp down something, to eat something quickly I wolfed down my dinner and left the house for the movie.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
What does "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." mean?
You do a favor for me and I'll do a favor for you."You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," I said to my customer as we tried to reach a new sales agreement for our product.
in lieu of (something)
What does "in lieu of (something)" mean?
instead of somethingIn lieu of being paid for our overtime work we were given extra time off.
drowning in (something)
What does "drowning in (something)" mean?
to be submerged in something, to be overwhelmed with something The man is drowning in debt and has no money.
I am drowning in work this week.

(not) worth a dime
What does "(not) worth a dime" mean?
to be not worth anything, to be not of any valueThe antique desk is not worth a dime although everyone thinks it is very valuable.
carte blanche
What does "carte blanche" mean?
the freedom or permission to do what you want (blanche means white in French) The new manager was given carte blanche to change the policies in her department.

for life
What does "for life" mean?
for the remainder of one's life They got married last year and they plan to stay married for life.

Bend someone's ear
What does "Bend someone's ear" mean?
To bend someone's ear is to talk to someone about something for a long-enough period that it becomes tiresome for the listener.
face value
What does "face value" mean?
the value or price printed on a stamp/bond/paper money etc. I sold the postage stamps at their face value.

grow to do/like (something)
What does "grow to do/like (something)" mean?
to gradually begin to do something or like someone or somethingI am growing to like the people who live next door to me.
all day long
What does "all day long" mean?
the whole day The girl was happy to wait all day long for the mail to arrive.

What does "shitcan" mean?


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