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Amount To (something) Idiom

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amount to (something)
What does amount to (something) mean?
to become successfulThe boy will never amount to anything if he does not change his behavior.

Some Random Idioms
along with (someone or something)
What does "along with (someone or something)" mean?
in addition to someone or somethingI went to the concert along with my friend.
run after (someone) or (something)
What does "run after (someone) or (something)" mean?
to chase someoneThe young boys were running after the small dog.
slam (some) beers
What does "slam (some) beers" mean?
drink (a lot of) beer
sucker list
What does "sucker list" mean?
a list of people who can be easily persuaded to buy somethingThe salesman used a sucker list to try and get people to buy his new product.
save one`s breath
What does "save one`s breath" mean?
keep silent because talking will not do any good"You can save your breath and not bother talking to him. He never listens to anyone."
rev (something) up
What does "rev (something) up" mean?
to make an engine run very fastThe young man began to rev the motor of his car up while he was waiting for his friend.
with flying colors
What does "with flying colors" mean?
with great or total success My friend passed the course with flying colors and she now wants to celebrate.

boom box
What does "boom box" mean?
portable cassette/CD player."Don't forget to bring your boom box to thepicnic!"
close the books (on someone or something)
What does "close the books (on someone or something)" mean?
to put an end to something (like the books in accounting records)The owners of the team closed the books on the idea of building a new stadium.
Cock a snook
What does "Cock a snook" mean?
To make a rude gesture by putting one thumb to the nose with the fingers outstretched.
get off easy
What does "get off easy" mean?
to escape a serious punishmentThe criminals got off easy after they robbed the bank.


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