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Along With (someone Or Something) Idiom

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along with (someone or something)
What does along with (someone or something) mean?
in addition to someone or somethingI went to the concert along with my friend.

Some Random Idioms
hit (someone) below the belt
What does "hit (someone) below the belt" mean?
to do something in an unfair or cowardly wayMy friend was hitting below the belt when he criticized me after I told him my true feelings on the matter.
close call/shave
What does "close call/shave" mean?
an accident that almost happens but does not happenI had a close call this morning when the truck almost hit me.
fall/drop into one's lap
What does "fall/drop into one's lap" mean?
an opportunity or chance comes to you by chance and good luck and without any effort on your partThe chance to go on the training course dropped into my lap suddenly last weekend.
do the dishes
What does "do the dishes" mean?
to wash and dry dishesWe did the dishes soon after eating dinner.
think the world of (someone or something)
What does "think the world of (someone or something)" mean?
to be very fond of someone or somethingThe woman thinks the world of the little girl who lives next door.
fall into a trap
What does "fall into a trap" mean?
to become caught in someone's scheme The criminals fell into a trap that the police had prepared for them.

if the shoe fits, wear it
What does "if the shoe fits, wear it" mean?
if something that is said describes you then it probably is meant for you as wellHe was complaining that many workers at his company were lazy. However, his friend looked at him and said that if the shoe fits, wear it.
What does "skanky" mean?
ugly; disgusting (said mostly about women)
by the dozen
What does "by the dozen" mean?
twelve at a time, in a group of twelveThe children were eating the donuts by the dozen.


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