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Allow For (someone Or Something) Idiom

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allow for (someone or something)
What does allow for (someone or something) mean?
to plan to have enough of something, to plan on the possibility of somethingWe must allow for enough time to go to the stadium.

Some Random Idioms
have a bee in one`s bonnet
What does "have a bee in one`s bonnet" mean?
to have a fixed idea that stays in one's mindThe woman has a bee in her bonnet about starting a new business.
out of tune
What does "out of tune" mean?
to be not in agreement, to be not going well togetherWe are out of tune with what the other members of the group think.
come to light
What does "come to light" mean?
to be discovered, to become knownIt has come to light that the company recently lost millions of dollars.
Bean Town
What does "Bean Town" mean?
beyond one's depth
What does "beyond one's depth" mean?
to be beyond one's ability, to be in deep waterThe apartment manager was beyond her depth in her effort to manage the apartment.
doll (oneself) up
What does "doll (oneself) up" mean?
to dress in fancy clothesShe was all dolled up for the party at the downtown hotel.
make a fool out of (someone)
What does "make a fool out of (someone)" mean?
make someone look foolishThe secretary made a fool out of her boss when she argued with him at the meeting.
take a toll on (someone or something)
What does "take a toll on (someone or something)" mean?
to damage/hurt someone or something by using it too much or by hard livingThe stress and long hours at work are beginning to take a toll on my friend.
on top
What does "on top" mean?
to be in the leadHe was on top of his class when he was in university.
What does "dick" mean?
dumb person (usually a man)
what makes (someone) tick
What does "what makes (someone) tick" mean?
what motivates or makes someone behave in a certain wayI really don't know what makes that woman tick. She is very strange.
ghetto blaster
What does "ghetto blaster" mean?
large, portable stereo radio/cassette/CD player. Turn down that damn ghetto blaster.
What does "intense" mean?
important, serious, significant
hold up
What does "hold up" mean?
keep up one`s courage or spiritsHer spirits are holding up quite well even though she does not have a job now.


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