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Alive And Well/kicking Idiom

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alive and well/kicking
What does alive and well/kicking mean?
to be well and healthyMy aunt is 87 years old and she is very much alive and kicking.

Some Random Idioms
wear down
What does "wear down" mean?
exhaust or tire someone outHe was worn down from the many questions in the meeting.
do wonders
What does "do wonders" mean?
to produce excellent resultsIf you begin to do some exercise it will do wonders for your health.
blow (someone or something) off
What does "blow (someone or something) off" mean?
to avoid someone, to not attend somethingWe blew off the chance to go to the general meeting.
hands off (something)
What does "hands off (something)" mean?
to leave something alone, to not interfere with somethingI took a hands-off approach while dealing with the new employee.
bite the dust
What does "bite the dust" mean?
to be killed, to break down, to be defeatedI think that my car will bite the dust soon.
blow (something) out of all proportion
What does "blow (something) out of all proportion" mean?
to make a bigger issue about something than it really is The problem was very small but the manager blew it out of all proportion.

hate (someone's) guts
What does "hate (someone's) guts" mean?
to hate someone very much I think that my neighbor hates my guts. He will never say hello to me.

when the cat's away, the mice will play
What does "when the cat's away, the mice will play" mean?
when you are not watching someone they may get into trouble, when a person with authority is absent then those below him or her can do whatever they want When the cat's away, the mice will play and when the teacher left the classroom the students began to play.

cow Idioms

What does "biker" mean?
a person who rides motorcycles
open (something) up
What does "open (something) up" mean?
to start the use of something such as land or a buildingThe government is planning to open more land up to farming.


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