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Air One`s Dirty Laundry/linen In Public Idiom

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air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public
What does air one`s dirty laundry/linen in public mean?
to make public something embarrassing that should be kept secretThe dinner party became uncomfortable when the host began to air his colleague's dirty laundry in public.

Some Random Idioms
A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire
What does "A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire" mean?
One does not repeat a painful lesson twice.I've tried to get little Johnny to quit running and jumping on the furniture before he hurts himself, but only a burnt child dreads the fire.
Very similar in meaning to another proverb, "Once bitten, twice shy," today's proverb is an old one. It appeared in English literature as early as 1320, in "The Proverbs of Hendyng." Another proverb, which is similar, comes from the French: "A scalded dog fears cold water" carries an even stronger message; that those who have experienced a great deal of difficulty or pain will not only avoid it in the future, but will be afraid even where there is no cause.
Other languages also have like proverbs, such as, "One bitten by a serpent is afraid of a rope's end" (Jewish), "A man who has received a beating with a firebrand runs away at the sight of a firefly" (Singhalese), and "A dog which has been beaten with a stick fears its own shadow" (Italian).
easy come, easy go
What does "easy come, easy go" mean?
something that you easily acquire may be easily spent/lost/wastedThe man always found a new job easily but then he would often quit the job quickly. For him it was always easy come, easy go.
belabor the point
What does "belabor the point" mean?
to spend too much time on a point of discussion I tried not to belabor the point but I needed to explain things in detail for everyone to understand.

day in and day out
What does "day in and day out" mean?
regularly, all of the time My father goes to a small restaurant for lunch day in and day out and he never gets tired of it.

true to form
What does "true to form" mean?
exactly as expected, following the usual patternTrue to form our teacher refused to accept any of our papers late.
in luck
What does "in luck" mean?
having good luck, finding something good by chanceI think that we are in luck. I was able to buy two tickets for the concert.
dress up
What does "dress up" mean?
to put on one`s best clothes I decided to dress up for dinner at the restaurant.

every Tom, Dick and Harry
What does "every Tom, Dick and Harry" mean?
the average person The man said that he is not the same as every Tom, Dick and Harry.


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