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Air (something) Out Idiom

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air (something) out
What does air (something) out mean?
to freshen something by putting it out in the open airWe put the blankets outside in order to air them out.

Some Random Idioms
get the boot
What does "get the boot" mean?
to be fired from a job, to be told to leave a place I got the boot from my first job in high school.
The man got the boot from the restaurant for smoking.

scrimp and save
What does "scrimp and save" mean?
to spend little money in order to save for somethingThe woman has been scrimping and saving to buy a new car.
One person's trash is another person's treasure.
What does "One person's trash is another person's treasure." mean?
something that one person considers of no value may be considered valuable by somebody elseOne person's trash is another person's treasure and my friend likes to look at my old things before I put them in the garbage.
at one sitting
What does "at one sitting" mean?
at one time, during one period We ate most of the cake at one sitting.

keep one`s nose out of (something)
What does "keep one`s nose out of (something)" mean?
to not become involved in something or in someone else's business I wish that our secretary would keep her nose out of my personal affairs.

What does "fuck" mean?
have sexual intersource with. They fucked all night long.
in/have custody of (someone or something)
What does "in/have custody of (someone or something)" mean?
being guarded or protected by someone or some groupThe police put the man in custody last night.
greatest thing since sliced bread
What does "greatest thing since sliced bread" mean?
the greatest thing that there has ever been My mother believes that the microwave oven is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

bring (someone) to
What does "bring (someone) to" mean?
to restore someone to consciousness from sleep/anesthesia/hypnosis/faintingWe tried hard to bring the woman to after the car accident.
Dutch wife
What does "Dutch wife" mean?
A Dutch wife is a long pillow or a hot water bottle.
a crick in one's neck
What does "a crick in one's neck" mean?
a painful cramp in one's neck I woke up this morning with a crick in my neck.

in (someone's) favor
What does "in (someone's) favor" mean?
to someone's advantage The judge ruled in our favor in our dispute with the hospital.


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