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Ahead Of One's Time Idiom

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ahead of one's time
What does ahead of one's time mean?
to have ideas or attitudes that are more advanced than those of othersThe ideas of the politician were very much ahead of his time.

Some Random Idioms
clean up
What does "clean up" mean?
to make a lot of money, to make a big profitI cleaned up at the horse races last year and I still have some of the money left.
Give someone a piece of your mind
What does "Give someone a piece of your mind" mean?
If you give someone a piece of your mind, you criticise them strongly and angrily.
What does "knock" mean?
reject, criticize, or berate something or somebody
know (something) in one's bones
What does "know (something) in one's bones" mean?
know and sense something, have an intuition about somethingI know it in my bones that I am not going to pass my English exam.
perfect couple
What does "perfect couple" mean?
two people who appear to get along perfectly two people who appear to get along perfectlyOur neighors have always seemed to be the perfect couple.
red-carpet treatment
What does "red-carpet treatment" mean?
to receive special or royal treatment I always receive the red-carpet treatment when I go and visit my aunt.

by way of (something)
What does "by way of (something)" mean?
as a substitute for something, as a form/example of somethingBy way of introduction the man gave everyone his business card.
be on the go
What does "be on the go" mean?
be very busy (going from one thing or project to another)."I'm really tired. I've been on the go all weeklong."
able to breathe easily again
What does "able to breathe easily again" mean?
to be able to relax and recover from a stressful time or event My friend was able to breathe easily again when his company did not go bankrupt.

(one's) hands are tied
What does "(one's) hands are tied" mean?
one is unable to helpI am sorry that I can`t help you but my hands are tied at the moment.
give (someone) the boot
What does "give (someone) the boot" mean?
to fire someone, to force someone to leave a placeThe manager gave our friend the boot when he began yelling in the restaurant.
spoon-feed (someone)
What does "spoon-feed (someone)" mean?
to help or care for someone too much when you are trying to teach him or her somethingWe had to spoon-feed the new employee when we were teaching him about the new computer system.


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