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Afraid Of One's Own Shadow Idiom

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afraid of one's own shadow
What does afraid of one's own shadow mean?
to become frightened easilyThe small dog is afraid of his own shadow.

Some Random Idioms
dark horse
What does "dark horse" mean?
a political candidate who is little known to the general public The woman candidate was a dark horse but she won the election easily.

bad-mouth (someone or something)
What does "bad-mouth (someone or something)" mean?
to say bad things about someone or somethingThe supervisor has the habit of bad-mouthing her boss.
eat and run
What does "eat and run" mean?
to eat a meal quickly and then leave We had to eat and run in order to arrive at the soccer field early.

cut out (something) or cut (something) out
What does "cut out (something) or cut (something) out" mean?
to eliminate something My cousin decided to cut out chocolate in order to lose weight.

conk out
What does "conk out" mean?
to fall asleep quickly and with great fatigue After we returned from the hike, I immediately conked out in front of the TV.

Boys in blue
What does "Boys in blue" mean?
The boys in blue are the police.
in a kind/sort of way
What does "in a kind/sort of way" mean?
to a certain extent, a little, somewhatIn a kind of way I want to buy a new car but in other ways I don't think that I really need one.
take the bull by the horns
What does "take the bull by the horns" mean?
to take some kind of actionMy aunt decided to take the bull by the horns and started to plan the family reunion.


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