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Add Up Idiom

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add up
What does add up mean?
to total up to a certain amountI began to add up the money that I owed my father.

Some Random Idioms
By the by
What does "By the by" mean?
This is used as a way of introducing an incidental topic in a conversation or to say that something is irrelevant. ('By the bye' is also used.)
get (something) straight
What does "get (something) straight" mean?
to understand something clearlyI could not get what my friend was trying to tell me straight.
far out
What does "far out" mean?
to be strangeThe man's sense of humor was far out and nobody understood him.
hunt high and low for (someone or something)
What does "hunt high and low for (someone or something)" mean?
carefully look everywhere for somethingI have been hunting high and low for my house keys but I can't find them.
cook (someone's) goose
What does "cook (someone's) goose" mean?
to damage or ruin someoneI think that I cooked my goose when I made a mistake at work today.
think a lot/great deal/highly/much of (someone or something)
What does "think a lot/great deal/highly/much of (someone or something)" mean?
to like or think well of someone or somethingMy grandmother thinks a lot of her grandchildren.
as white as the driven snow
What does "as white as the driven snow" mean?
very whiteThe fur on the dog was as white as the driven snow.
knock (someone) around
What does "knock (someone) around" mean?
mistreat someoneThe boy was sent home from school for knocking around some other members of the class.
on the move
What does "on the move" mean?
to be moving around from place to place, to be in motionMy sister is in Europe and has been on the move for several months now.
meat and potatoes
What does "meat and potatoes" mean?
basic and strong, have simple tastes in food and other thingsMy friend's taste in food and life is one of a basic meat-and-potatoes approach.
time to catch one's breath
What does "time to catch one's breath" mean?
enough time to relax or behave normallyI didn't have time to catch my breath while I was getting ready for the convention.
What does "drink" mean?
use gasoline (said of cars)
Drop into your lap
What does "Drop into your lap" mean?
If something drops into your lap, you receive it suddenly, without any warning. ('Fall into your lap' is also used.)
boggle one's mind
What does "boggle one's mind" mean?
to confuse someone, to overwhelm someone, to be hard to imagineIt boggles my mind to think how quickly the Internet has changed people's lives.



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