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Add Up (to Something) Idiom

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add up (to something)
What does add up (to something) mean?
to mean something, to result in somethingThe things that he said about his boss do not add up.

Some Random Idioms
take the rap for (someone or something)
What does "take the rap for (someone or something)" mean?
to receive punishment for something, to be accused and punished for something, to receive punishment in place of someone elseThe owner of the restaurant was forced to take the rap over permitting underage workers to work at night.
pennies from heaven
What does "pennies from heaven" mean?
money that you do not expect to getThe money that I received from the government was like pennies from heaven and I was very happy.
toot/blow one's own horn
What does "toot/blow one's own horn" mean?
to boast or praise oneselfMy friend is always tooting his own horn when he thinks that he has done something well.
hit the road
What does "hit the road" mean?
leave - usually in a carWe should hit the road early tomorrow morning if we want to reach the seashore before evening.
head over heels in debt
What does "head over heels in debt" mean?
to be deeply in debtMy cousin has been head over heels in debt for many years.
eyes pop out (of one's head)
What does "eyes pop out (of one's head)" mean?
one is very surprisedMy eyes popped out of my head when I saw the new computer that I got for my birthday.
pitch a tent
What does "pitch a tent" mean?
to put up a tentWe pitched the tent in a field beside a stream.
What does "fiddlesticks" mean?
drat; darn (used in place of shit to express anger or frustration)


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