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Act One's Age Idiom

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act one's age
What does act one's age mean?
to behave as a mature person or at least to behave equal to one's ageMy friend never acts her age in public.

Some Random Idioms
slime bucket
What does "slime bucket" mean?
disgusting, worthless person (usually said of men)
burden of proof
What does "burden of proof" mean?
the necessity to prove a disputed fact as required by the laws of evidenceThe burden of proof during the trial fell on the man who had accused his employee of theft.
come down in the world
What does "come down in the world" mean?
to lose one's social positionMy father came down in the world when he decided to change jobs.
from the ground up
What does "from the ground up" mean?
from the beginning (as in building a house or other building or a business)My uncle built his business from the ground up.
dry run
What does "dry run" mean?
an attempt or rehearsal for somethingThe marriage ceremony was on Saturday so we had a dry run on Thursday night.
brainstorm (something)
What does "brainstorm (something)" mean?
to try to develop an idea or think of new ideas The students got into groups to brainstorm ideas for the school play.

have a crush on (someone)
What does "have a crush on (someone)" mean?
to be attracted to someoneThe girl has a crush on someone at her university.
drag in (someone or something)
What does "drag in (someone or something)" mean?
to insist on bringing someone or something into a discussionTh employee always drags in his personal problems when we talk about his job performance.
give in to (someone)
What does "give in to (someone)" mean?
to do what another person wants rather than to fight and argue against him or herAfter eight weeks of negotiations we gave in and agreed to sell the machinery at a discount.
look like the cat that ate/swallowed the canary
What does "look like the cat that ate/swallowed the canary" mean?
seem very self-satisified, look like you have just had some kind of successHe looked like the cat that ate the canary when he came in with a smile on his face after receiving his special bonus.
draw (something) from (something)
What does "draw (something) from (something)" mean?
to obtain something from something, to get something from something The man draws much pleasure from his hobby of painting.


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