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Able To Do (something) Standing On One's Head Idiom

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able to do (something) standing on one's head
What does able to do (something) standing on one's head mean?
to be able to do something easily and quicklyThe boy is good at fixing his bicycle and he can do it standing on his head.

Some Random Idioms
get an earful
What does "get an earful" mean?
to hear much talk or criticism or complaints about something Our boss got an earful when he asked the employees if they had any complaints.

What does "cram" mean?
study at the last minute for a test
make (someone) sick
What does "make (someone) sick" mean?
disgust someoneThe attitude of the woman next door makes me sick.
What does "score" mean?
succeed; obtain what one wanted
Passed with flying colors
What does "Passed with flying colors" mean?
To exceed expectations, to do better than expected.The California smog test is tough, but my car passed with flying colors.
Color(s) has numerous meanings. An early use of the word is flag, pennant, or badge.
"Passed with flying colors" comes from sailing ships that, when passing other ships at sea, would fly their colors (flags) if they wanted to be identified.
be a snap
What does "be a snap" mean?
be easy; be straight-forward; be simple. No problem, it's a snap.
apple of (someone`s) eye
What does "apple of (someone`s) eye" mean?
someone or something that is very precious or important to you The man's youngest daughter is the apple of his eye.

quick one
What does "quick one" mean?
sexual relations done quickly
burn (someone) in effigy
What does "burn (someone) in effigy" mean?
to burn a dummy that represents a hated person The crowd of people burned the Prime Minister in effigy.

change of pace
What does "change of pace" mean?
a temporary change in one's routine We decided to go to the lake for a change of pace and to get away from our busy schedules.


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