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Able To Do (something) Blindfolded Idiom

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able to do (something) blindfolded
What does able to do (something) blindfolded mean?
to be able to do something easily and quicklyThe car was easy to fix and we were able to do it blindfolded.

Some Random Idioms
in pen
What does "in pen" mean?
written or signed with a pen The teacher asked the students to make sure that they wrote the essay in pen.

pull the wool over (someone`s) eyes
What does "pull the wool over (someone`s) eyes" mean?
to deceive or fool someone"Don`t let that man pull the wool over your eyes with his excuses."
What does "roast" mean?
tease and insult a person at a party held in his or her honor
do a number on (someone or something)
What does "do a number on (someone or something)" mean?
to damage or harm someone or somethingThe young man did a number on the car that he borrowed from his uncle.
serve as a guinea pig
What does "serve as a guinea pig" mean?
to allow some kind of test to be performed on someoneI was not happy that I had to act as a guinea pig for the managers who were testing the new training material.
Cheap at half the price
What does "Cheap at half the price" mean?
If something's cheap at half the price, it's very cheap indeed.
By dint of
What does "By dint of" mean?
This means 'as a result of' or 'because of': It would be good to think he'd risen to position of Chief Executive by dint of hard work.
give (someone) a blank check
What does "give (someone) a blank check" mean?
to give someone the freedom or permission to do what they think is necessaryThe new coach was given a blank check by the university to try and improve the team.
bought it
What does "bought it" mean?
idiom. be killed. He bought it when we raided that house.
What does "zapper" mean?
microwave oven.Stick it in the zapper and warm it up.
What does "hoot" mean?
fun; amusing; entertaining. That party was a hoot, totally fun.
blind leading the blind
What does "blind leading the blind" mean?
someone who does not understand something but tries to explain it to othersIt is like the blind leading the blind to watch the man try to explain how to operate the new computer.
seeing is believing
What does "seeing is believing" mean?
one must believe something that one seesSeeing is believing and I did not believe the price of the car until I actually saw it.


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