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Abide By (something) Idiom

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abide by (something)
What does abide by (something) mean?
to follow the rules of somethingThe cleaning staff were forced to abide by the rules of the school.

Some Random Idioms
bring (something) home to (someone)
What does "bring (something) home to (someone)" mean?
to cause someone to realize the truth of somethingThe dry conditions are bringing home to the farmers the importance of saving water.
run riot/wild
What does "run riot/wild" mean?
to go out of controlThe soccer fans ran riot after the game.
have an ear out for (something)
What does "have an ear out for (something)" mean?
to listen carefully for somethingI have an ear out for any business opportunities that may appear.
lay it on thick
What does "lay it on thick" mean?
praise someone too muchMy friend began to lay it on thick when I told him about my new job.
all right
What does "all right" mean?
okay, satisfactoryShe said that it would be all right for me to bring my friend to the party.
What does "suck" mean?
be unappealing or undesirableThis song really sucks!
What does "Headstrong" mean?
A headstrong person is obstinate and does not take other people's advice readily.
pull (someone's) tooth out
What does "pull (someone's) tooth out" mean?
to take someone's tooth out (usually done by a dentist)I went to the dentist so he could pull my tooth out.
Lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
What does "Lock the stable door after the horse has bolted" mean?
If someone takes action too late, they do this; there is no reason to lock an empty stable.
put words in (someone`s) mouth
What does "put words in (someone`s) mouth" mean?
to say/suggest something for someone else, to speak for someone else without his or her permissionThe woman's husband always puts words in her mouth which makes her very angry.
attend to (someone or something)
What does "attend to (someone or something)" mean?
to take care or deal with someone or something The doctor attended to the patient.


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