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a yes-man
What does a yes-man mean?
: someone who tries to get approval by agreeing with everyone.A: "Why does the boss think Arnold is sointelligent?"B: "Because Arnold is a yes-man. He agrees with everything theboss says!"
a yes-man
What does a yes-man mean?
a person who tries to be liked by agreeing with everything someone says (especially his or her boss) He is a yes-man who will do anything that his boss asks him to do.

Some Random Idioms
If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows
What does "If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows" mean?
If you wish to be associated with a particular high risk and/or high profile situation and benefit from the rewards of that association, you have to accept the consequences if things go wrong - you cannot dissociate yourself.
any number of (someone or something)
What does "any number of (someone or something)" mean?
a large number of people or something I have any number of reasons not to buy a new computer.

What does "fuck" mean?
damage or run. He fucked the entire project.
couch potato
What does "couch potato" mean?
someone who spends too much time watching TV. "You're a real couch potato, Jay. You need toget more exercise!"
play chicken
What does "play chicken" mean?
to do something dangerous in order to see who becomes frightened first and stops The two boys were playing chicken in the schoolyard.

not know whether/if one is coming or going
What does "not know whether/if one is coming or going" mean?
to be very confusedMy friend did not know whether he was coming or going after he got off the long airplane flight.
Jack Frost
What does "Jack Frost" mean?
If everything has frozen in winter, then Jack Frost has visited.
get on the bandwagon
What does "get on the bandwagon" mean?
to join a popular activity or campaign Everybody got on the bandwagon to support the popular candidate.

blow the whistle (on someone)
What does "blow the whistle (on someone)" mean?
to report someone's wrongdoing to the police or other authorities The employee blew the whistle on the illegal practices of the company.

gun for (someone)
What does "gun for (someone)" mean?
to look hard for a chance to harm or defeat someoneMy supervisor has been gunning for me for a long time and I do not know why.


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