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A White Lie Idiom

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a white lie
What does a white lie mean?
a lie that is told to avoid offending someone or hurting his / her feelings. "The cake that Susan made tasted terrible, but I knew that
she made it because she wanted to please me, so when she
asked if I liked it, I told a white lie and said it was good."

Some Random Idioms
What does "sting" mean?
capture and/or arrest somebody
over one`s head
What does "over one`s head" mean?
to be/go beyond one's ability to understand, to be too difficultThe mathematics lectures went over my head during the first few weeks.
carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders
What does "carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders" mean?
appear to be dealing with all the problems in the whole worldMy friend has a lot of stress and thinks that he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
What does "def" mean?
cool; wonderful; terrific
What does "cut" mean?
adulterate drugs
been around (the block)
What does "been around (the block)" mean?
experienced (often sexually). She's been around the block and knows what she's doing in bed.
What does "set" mean?
period during which a band plays without stopping
to mean nothing to (someone)
What does "to mean nothing to (someone)" mean?
have no effect or feeling for someoneMy uncle is very wealthy and to lose money in a business transaction means nothing to him.
What does "can" mean?
toilet. Gotta go to the can. I really need to pee.
What does "yellow-bellied" mean?
extremely timid, cowardlyThe man is yellow-bellied and is never willing to fight for what is right.
put (someone's) eye out
What does "put (someone's) eye out" mean?
to puncture or harm someone's eye causing blindness The man put his eye out when he had the accident with the metal rod.
get down to business
What does "get down to business" mean?
to start working or doing the business at handWe decided to get down to business and try to finish our work quickly.
move up (in the world)
What does "move up (in the world)" mean?
advance and become successfulThe young man is working hard and is moving up in the world.
What does "bail" mean?
abandon; depart; leave. I bailed on my calculus class because I was tired.



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