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A Tightwad Idiom

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a tightwad
What does a tightwad mean?
: someone who is very frugal and unwilling to spend money unnecessarily. A: Will Charlie donate any money to the activities fund? B: Absolutely not! He's a real tightwad!"

Some Random Idioms
tire (someone) out
What does "tire (someone) out" mean?
to make someone very tiredThe climb up the stairs tired the elderly woman out.
in season
What does "in season" mean?
currently available for sale, legally able to be caught/huntedThe cherries are in season now and they are very delicious.
of all things
What does "of all things" mean?
Imagine that!"Of all things," the woman said when the post office worker told her that her package was too large for delivery.
dead in one's tracks
What does "dead in one's tracks" mean?
to be stopped exactly where someone or something is at the moment The police stopped the robber dead in his tracks.

get a wiggle on
What does "get a wiggle on " mean?
to hurry up, to get going "Get a wiggle on. I want to arrive at the party before the other guests."

follow suit
What does "follow suit" mean?
to play a card of the same suit, to follow the example or actions of someone else The small university followed suit with the other universities and decided to raise their tuition fees.

twist (someone's) words around
What does "twist (someone's) words around" mean?
to restate someone's words inaccurately when quoting him or herThe supervisor twisted my words around when he repeated my complaint to the manager.
What does "check" mean?
inter. okay; yes; right
What does "stiff" mean?
corpse; dead body. Where's the stiff from last night's shootout?
pay (someone) a left-handed compliment
What does "pay (someone) a left-handed compliment" mean?
to give someone a false compliment that is actually an insult The service at the store was poor so the customer paid the clerk a left-handed compliment.

divide (something) fifty-fifty
What does "divide (something) fifty-fifty" mean?
to divide something into two equal partsWe decided to divide the money that we earned fifty-fifty.
beat (something) into (someone's) head
What does "beat (something) into (someone's) head" mean?
to force someone to learn somethingThe teacher thinks that she must beat the material into the heads of the students.
What does "high" mean?
intoxicated from alcohol or drugs


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