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A Let Down Idiom

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a let-down
What does a let-down mean?
a disappointment; something that's very disappointing. "It must've been quite a let-down not to bechosen for that job. I know you really hoped you would get it."

Some Random Idioms
flat out
What does "flat out" mean?
without hiding anything, openly I told my friend flat out that I would not go to the party with her.

along with (someone or something)
What does "along with (someone or something)" mean?
in addition to someone or somethingI went to the concert along with my friend.
What does "bent" mean?
angry; upset
get out of (something)
What does "get out of (something)" mean?
to take some clothes off so that you can put on more comfortable clothes I want to get out of my wet clothes quickly.

feel fit
What does "feel fit" mean?
to feel well and healthyI feel fit so I plan to go for a long walk this weekend.
get one's say
What does "get one's say" mean?
to be able to say what one thinks The meeting was over very quickly but everyone got their say.

beyond measure
What does "beyond measure" mean?
to be more than can be measuredThe man's love for his city was beyond measure.
Dollars for doughnuts
What does "Dollars for doughnuts" mean?
If something is dollars for doughnuts, it is a sure bet or certainty.
face down (someone)
What does "face down (someone)" mean?
to confront someone boldly, to defy someone We decided to face down our competitors and try to stay in business.

Pull up your socks
What does "Pull up your socks" mean?
If you aren't satisfied with someone and want them to do better, you can tell them to pull up their socks.
off the record
What does "off the record" mean?
to be private, to be unofficialHe told the reporters off the record about the problem with the budget estimate.
put one's hand to the plow
What does "put one's hand to the plow" mean?
to begin to do a big and important task I put my hand to the plow in order to finish my essay before the weekend.


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