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A Klutz Idiom

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a klutz
What does a klutz mean?
an awkward, uncoordinated person."Don't ask Jeff to dance with you. He's a realklutz and will probably step on your feet!"

Some Random Idioms
do (something) by the book
What does "do (something) by the book" mean?
to follow the rules of something exactly Our boss likes to do everything by the book.

turn down (someone or something)
What does "turn down (someone or something)" mean?
to refuse to accept someone or something, to reject someone or somethingThe union turned down the offer of more money from the company.
Laughter is the best medicine
What does "Laughter is the best medicine" mean?
Laughing is often helpful for healing, especially emotional healing.
all roads lead to Rome
What does "all roads lead to Rome" mean?
the same end or goal may be reached by many different waysAll roads lead to Rome and the two groups used two different methods to finish the project.
hit the books
What does "hit the books" mean?
begin to study hardAfter playing all weekend I had to hit the books on Sunday evening.
for sure
What does "for sure" mean?
without doubt, certainly, surely I will go to the movie with you for sure next week.

have a good head for (something)
What does "have a good head for (something)" mean?
to have the mental ability for something, to find it easy to learn somethingMy uncle has a good head for numbers.
Pull no punches
What does "Pull no punches" mean?
If you pull no punches, you hold nothing back.
keep one`s mouth shut
What does "keep one`s mouth shut" mean?
to be/stay silentI tried hard to keep my mouth shut during the boring speech.
bring home the importance of (something) to (someone)
What does "bring home the importance of (something) to (someone)" mean?
to make someone understand that something is important I tried to bring home the importance of the new company policy.

change horses in midstream
What does "change horses in midstream" mean?
to make new plans or choose a new leader in the middle of an important activityThe company changed horses in midstream and totally changed their policy.


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