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A Cinch Idiom

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a cinch
What does a cinch mean?
something that's very easy to do.A: How was the test?B: It was a cinch. I finished it quickly and I know that allmy answers were correct."

Some Random Idioms
keep books
What does "keep books" mean?
to keep records of money that is gained or spentThe new sales manager does not know how to keep books and he has made many mistakes.
What does "hicksville" mean?
small, rural town where people with little education or manners live
What does "zonked" mean?
drunk; intoxicatedHe was so zonked after the night of partying that we couldn't let him drive.
throw (someone) a curve
What does "throw (someone) a curve" mean?
to confuse someone by doing something unexpected, to pitch a curve ball to someone in baseballThe lawyer threw the witness a curve with his very complex questions.
see the light
What does "see the light" mean?
to realize your mistake, to suddenly see how to proceed with somethingI finally saw the light and began to work at the same pace as everyone else.
What does "wienie" mean?
dumb, incompetent man
brain teaser
What does "brain teaser" mean?
a problem for which it is hard to find the answerMy father likes to look in the newspaper for interesting brain teasers.
do one`s bit/part
What does "do one`s bit/part" mean?
to share in a group project by contributing one`s time and effortOur teacher did his bit to help plan for the party.
up a blind alley
What does "up a blind alley" mean?
on a route that leads nowhere, at a dead endThe police were up a blind alley in their search for evidence of the crime.
a fish out of water
What does "a fish out of water" mean?
someone who does not fit inThe man was like a fish out of water at the expensive restaurant.



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