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A (real) Go Getter Idiom

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a (real) go-getter
What does a (real) go-getter mean?
a (very) ambitious, hard-working person."I'm not surprised that Jean finished before anyoneelse. She's a real go-getter."

Some Random Idioms
odd man out
What does "odd man out" mean?
an unusual person or thingI always feel that I am the odd man out when I go with my coworkers to a restaurant.
make a laughingstock of (someone)
What does "make a laughingstock of (someone)" mean?
do something that makes people laugh at someoneI made a laughingstock of myself when I dropped the plate of crackers at the party.
fruits of one's labor
What does "fruits of one's labor" mean?
the results of one's work We decided to enjoy the fruits of our labor so we went on a long holiday to Europe.

get along in years
What does "get along in years" mean?
to grow older My parents are getting along in years but they are still very healthy.

get one's head above water
What does "get one's head above water" mean?
to get in control of one's situation (often financial situation)When I get my head above water I will be able to spend less time working.
put a flea in (someone`s) ear
What does "put a flea in (someone`s) ear" mean?
to give someone a severe scolding, to give someone an idea or answer that is not welcome I put a flea in my friend's ear when I began to criticize him.

when it comes right down to it
What does "when it comes right down to it" mean?
when one really thinks about somethingWhen it comes right down to it, I don't think that you should quit your job.
in denial
What does "in denial" mean?
refusing to believe something that is trueThe man was in denial about the fact that he may lose his job.
Let the genie out of the bottle
What does "Let the genie out of the bottle" mean?
If people let the genie out of the bottle, they let something bad happen that cannot be put right or controlled.


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