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Zip It Idiom

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Zip it
What does Zip it mean?
This is used to tell someone to be quiet.

Some Random Idioms
full of it
What does "full of it" mean?
to be full of nonsenseI thought that the woman was full of it when she told me that the business was closed.
damn it
What does "damn it" mean?
idiom. oh no; oh dear; uh-ho (a strong expression of surprise or frustration). Damn it. I lost my car keys.
the thought that counts
What does "the thought that counts" mean?
the good intentions behind an action or a gift are more important than the action or the gift itselfAlthough the present that the man bought for his wife was not very expensive, it was the thought that counts and his wife was very happy.
Watch it!
What does "Watch it!" mean?
be careful (usually used as a command)"Watch it! That truck is going very fast and may hit you."
just now
What does "just now" mean?
this very moment, almost at this momentThe accident happened just now. The police haven`t even arrived yet.
an odor of sanctity
What does "an odor of sanctity" mean?
an atmosphere of excessive holiness or pietyThere was an odor of sanctity surrounding the chambers of the judge at the courthouse.
play possum
What does "play possum" mean?
to pretend to be inactive/asleep/deadMy friend was playing possum and did not respond to the conversation around him.
Head south
What does "Head south" mean?
If something head south, it begins to fail or start going bad.'The project proceeded well for the first two months, but then it headed south.'
bad apple
What does "bad apple" mean?
a bad person The boy is a bad apple and he is always in some kind of trouble.

ferret out (something) from (someone) or ferret (information or something) out of (someone)
What does "ferret out (something) from (someone) or ferret (information or something) out of (someone)" mean?
to get something from someone by being persistent I tried hard to ferret out the time of the party from my friend.

arm and a leg
What does "arm and a leg" mean?
a large amount of money The man's new car cost him an arm and a leg.

What does "gang-bang" mean?
group rape (men on one woman)
on the way (somewhere)
What does "on the way (somewhere)" mean?
along the route to somewhereWe got something to eat on the way to the airport.


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